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Christian McEwen

Christian McEwen

Christian McEwen is a writer, educator, and cultural activist, and the author of Legal Tender: Women & the Secret Life of Money. She has edited four anthologies, including Jo’s Girls: Tomboy Tales of High Adventure and The Alphabet of the Trees: A Guide to Nature Writing. Her book, World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down is now in its sixth printing, and is also available in an audio edition. Her newest book is Sparks from the Anvil: the Smith College Poetry Interviews.  

Christian grew up in the Borders of Scotland, and now lives in Williamsburg, MA. She has been a fellow, several times, at the MacDowell Colony, and at Yaddo. In 2011, she received a grant in playwriting from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. www.christianmcewen.com

Christian’s Money Story: If Christian McEwen had been a boy, she’d have become Sir Christian when her father died, and inherited a house with 113 rooms, along with several thousand acres in the Scottish Borders. Instead she moved to the U.S.A, and began a long career of downward mobility, working innumerable part-time jobs (a floor-refinisher, a gardener, a house-painter, a counselor, etc.) in order to support her writing. She is the author of World Enough & Time (Bauhan Publishing, 2011) and currently teaches workshops on creativity & slowing down. To hear Christian talk on this theme visit  Event Storrs Library Creativity and Slowing Down.